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Luxury Shave Package

Traditional Barber Shave is actually really good for the skin. The shave is a lot closer than what you would achieve at home. At headmasters our barbers have been specially trained to offer a Traditional shave with a twist.

Removes Razor bumps and ingrown hairs. During the shave the blade actually removes up to 4 layers of dead skin cells– so it is like an exfoliation treatment too. The shave is very good at removing any in-grown hairs as the razor will pull each of them out.


Our barber have borrowed some skin education from the beauty industry. At the beginning of the treatment you will be given a full consultation so we can determine any skin problems you may have. We use high quality Italian products to cleanse your skin and exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells. This will help soften the bristle to achieve a closer shave.

Its Relaxing.

From the hot towel to the manly aromas of the shaving creams and facial scrubs these relaxing smells, will definitely remove any stress or tensions.


90% of clean shaven men feel more confident within themselves. Making them more successful within their life abilities.

Luxury Shave Package

1). consultation We will be looking for any skin indentations, skin tags and bone structure of the face. This will determine how the shave is preformed.

Starting at £28

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